Mosaic of Life

During Karen’s cancer journey, she found putting paint to canvas brought her immense joy. She would get lost in the brush strokes and colors and shapes. Karen had an uncanny connection with her body. She knew, despite a negative mammogram, that an unwelcome invader had taken up residence in her breast.

The picture Karen painted of herself at this time, with its layers of translucent colors, shows her vulnerability. “You’re part Navajo,” I always told her, in awe of her sharpened sensory perceptions – a characteristic of that Native Indian folklore. That aspect is also evident in her painting.

Karen passed away of metastatic breast cancer on May 8, 2003, but her artwork lives on – Karen’s painting was chosen for participation in the 2010 Lilly Oncology on Canvas art competition and exhibition. We encourage you to visit to view the beautiful works of art and perhaps be inspired to create your own.

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